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Our college won an excellent achievement prize for the third education and science research in Guizhou

      Few day ago, our college won a third prize of excellent achievement in the third education and science research assessment activity in Guizhou organized by Guizhou provincial department of education.

      Of all the 300 application projects, 130 projects attain achievement awards, among which there are 6 first prizes, 45 second prizes and 79 third prizes.  The research paper “Generative model of college safety and stability maintenance under the condition of informationization” written by Yang Chunguang, secretary of party committee of our college, won a third prize. This paper focuses on how to “copy” the generative model of safety and stability maintenance effectively on the construction of other colleges under the condition of informationization, with our college taken as an example. The paper also points out, to achieve the goal, firstly, a safe and stable information network should be built on campus to meet certain needs of the college. During this process, certain soft wares, hard wares and finances support are required. Secondly, the operability of the generative model should by strengthened and optimized by linking theory with practice so that it could become popular. Thirdly, bring the teachers and the students into the informationalized management system, and ask for their active participation in the safety and maintenance work to enhance the informationalized level and ability of the safety and stability of the college.