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    Tongren Polytechnic College has been invited to participate in the Third International Cooperation Summit for China Vocational Education


    The Third International Cooperation Summit for China Vocational Education was held from August 12 to August 13 in Shenzhen. Yan Longqiang, president of the School of International Education of Tongren Polytechnic College, and He Zhong, a staff from international office was invited.

    The summit mainly consists of 4 parts: The opening ceremony, keynote speech and leaders’ speech; High-level talks; seminars and workshops.

    The opening ceremony, hosted by Yan Kaichen, a producer of an education television channel in China, attracted more than 1000 guests both from home and abroad. Some of the guests, from presidents of first-class universities to senior executives of large enterprises, were invited to give speech on vocational educations, including Chen Gongmeng, a famous professor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Le Zheng, a committee member of Shenzhen, Wu Daguang, president of Xiamen University and so on.

    In the second part, Dong Qian, an anchor on CCTV, interviewed some experts of higher vocational education, including Yu Zhongwen, Jiang Dayuan, to further discuss the development of the vocational education.

    On August 13, in the third part, the following themes were covered: Integration of industry and education, Cooperation between colleges and enterprises, Cooperation and openness of vocational education between China and ASEAN, TAFA mode, etc.

    The representatives of our college also attended the round table meeting, the theme of which is cooperation, development and communication of vocational education among countries under “One Belt One Road”initiative. Many guests shared their opinions on “One Belt One Road” initiative and the opportunities, challenges and inspirations it would brought to vocational education.

    This summit, is not only a feast to the eyes, but also an inspiration for the souls.