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Brief Introduction



Tongren Secondary Vocational School is a prefectural public and full-time vocational school approved by the Administrative Office of Tongren Prefecture in March, 2010. It is incorporated with the former Agricultural School, Financial School, Medical School, Commercial School and Vocational School in Tongren Prefecture, among which, the Agricultural School was once a key secondary technical school at the national level in 1998, and it was conferred Advanced Unit of National Vocational Education by five ministries and departments.


At present, the school covers a total area of 169,418 square meters with a construction area of 97,380 square meters. The available instruments and equipment for teaching and research value 25.1913 million RMB. It has a collection of 0.123 million books, the teachers number 256, and the full-time students number 4859. It embraces 8 experimental and training centers, and 16 faculties such as nursing, acupuncture and massage, accountancy, tourism management, computer science and application, and so on.




Tel: +86-856-5592085

Address: No.137Qingshui Avenue, Tongren, Guizhou, P.R.China

Tongren Polytechnic College

Zip Code: 554300