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Brief Introduction


People's Hospital in Tongren, an affiliated hospital of Tongren Polytechnic College, is located on the bank of the picturesque Jinjiang River in Tongren. The hospital grew out of the Fuyin Hospital which was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Kemlin in 1909, the missionaries from the United States. It was taken over by the government in 1951, and renamed Tongren Special Hospital after incorporating with the Health Center in Tongren. Under the care and support of the previous leaders of Prefectural Party Committee and the Administrative Office, the hospital underwent over a hundred years' development. Integrating medical care, teaching, research, preventive, health care, and rehabilitation, the hospital has become a modern comprehensive tertiary hospital with the largest scale, the most complete departments, and the most advanced equipment and technology in eastern Guizhou, as well as one of the earliest hospitals of western medicine in Guizhou province.



The hospital covers a total area of 55,353 square meters with a construction area of 35,716 square meters. It has a staff of 1,000 with a regular staff of 525, of which, 48 own senior professional titles, 178 own intermediate professional titles. The hospital has 650 open beds. It has a clinical medicine teaching base approved by the provincial government. The hospital contains the isolation hospital in Tongren, and emergency assistance center "120". It embraces 28 clinical sections, 7 medical technology sections, and 18 administrative offices. The hospital is equipped with such large precise medical instruments as spiral CT, C-arm, automatic biochemical analyzer, electronic colonoscopy and so on.


In recent years, the medical care and management level of the hospital have been obviously improving; the quality of teaching and service is incessantly upgrading; the medical business develops quickly. In May, 2007, the hospital has successfully passed the recheck of comprehensive tertiary hospital by the Health Department of Guizhou province. In June, 2010, the Administrative Office of Tongren Prefecture has worked out a plan to build a comprehensive hospital whose scale equals to that of third grade class-A hospital in Chuandong Education District. Adhering to the developing mode of invigorating the hospital with technology, strengthening the hospital with talents, building the hospital with quality, enriching the hospital with culture, and thriving the hospital with brand, the hospital is striding forward to a sound and rapid development.



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