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Brief Introduction


The department was set up in June, 2002, with 6 specialties including agricultural facilities technology, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, tea production and processing technology, environmental monitoring and management technology, horticulture technology, and aquaculture technology.


There are 55 faculty and staff, 5 administrative staff, 50 full and part-time lecturers, 8 professors, 15 associate professors, 3 teachers with doctor degree, and 29 teachers with master degree.


The department has not only a multimedia center with complete functions, several training centers with respect to plant tissue culture, tea processing and so on, but also an animal husbandry farm, an ecology demonstrative zone, and more than 30 internship bases off campus.


Since the foundation of the department, over 20 scientific achievements have been awarded, more than 200 research papers have been published, no less than 10 teaching materials have been eduted or co-edited.


Under the guidance of establishing the department with quality, and developing the department with distinctive features, the department has been greatly improving its quality of teaching and efficiency in management, thus a department with distinctive features has formed.


In recent 5 years, the graduates of the department were highly thought of by employers, and the employment rate was over 95%.



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