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Brief Introduction


The Department of Medicine, located on the bank of picturesque Jin River, has grown out of the former Medical School in Tongren with over 50 years' school-running experience. Embracing the motto of Morals Cultivation, Seeking the Truth, Practicing devotedly, Striving for Self-improvement, and carrying forward the spirit of Being Realistic and Pragmatic, Being Self-confident and Self-improving, the department endeavors to upgrade its quality of teaching, and cultivation of personnel with techniques.


The Department has a reasonable faculty structure with a faculty and staff of 78, among which, the teaching faculty number 42, professors and associate professors number 31, teachers with intermediate titles number 35, and teachers with dual credentials number 75. It has four teaching and research sections including medical imaging technology, medical examination technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, and clinical medicine, one experimental and training center of medical technology, and over 30 training bases for teaching on and off campus.


The Department has specialties such as clinical medicine, medical examination technology, medical imaging technology, rehabilitation and treatment technology, and so on. The full-time students are over 2000.




Tel: +86-856-6909198

Address: Training Centre for the Department of Medicine

Tongren Polytechnic College

Zip Code: 554300