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On December 27th, there were 4 science research projects established as the provincial science research projects as the college was informed by Vocational Education Institute in Guizhou. To be specific, they were: Practice and Thinking on the Cooperation among the Polytechnic Colleges in Guizhou and International Society, hosted by Yan Long-qiang; the Research and its Practice on Constructing a Mode of ‘Classified Teaching and Integration between Education and its Industrialization’ in Animal Medicine, hosted by Huang Xue-fei; The Research on the Continuous Education of Pharmaceutical Engineering between Secondary Vocational and Polytechnic Education, hosted by Wen Xiao-tang; The Research of Cognitive Difference in View of Sports of Students in Polytechnic Colleges in Guizhou --- a Case Study of Tongren Polytechnic College, hosted by Dou Xiao-wen. 



Edited by: Liao Xiaoqiong

Source: TRPTC News (Chinese)