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On July 7, 2011, two teachers went to the tea plantation of Xingdong Tea Factory in Pujue village, SongtaoCounty, headed by Mr. Xie Guangxin, director of bioengineering department.


They provided the plantation with field technical guidance, and helped the enterprise to solve the problems encountered in production.


Xingdong Tea Factory is one of the enterprises that cooperate with our college. Most of the tea plants in plantations directly grow from the seeds, and they are almost 20 years of age and grow very slowly, therefore, the output is drastically reduced. Because of the lack of skilled talents in this field, they know few about the methods of soil measurement and fertilization. After aware of the situations, leading teachers from the bioengineering department are dispatched to provide them guidance.


God was not helping. It began to rain on that day, but Mr. Xie Guangxin, the director, kept on imparting skills by repetitious instructions. Later on, the other two teachers gave them demonstrations, so as to make sure that they truly mastered the technique.




To solve the problems in the production is an important content in college-enterprise cooperation. To promote the common development of college and enterprises, the specialty of tea production and processing has an in-depth knowledge of the difficulties of enterprise in tea production and operation, and explores the ways to solve the problems together by adhering to the principle of discovering problems and then to solve them.


Edited by: Liao Xiaoqiong

Source: TRPT News (Chinese)